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Comon on Join us!!

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Hello, everyone!

This community welcomes anyone who is interested in CanCam and its models. CanCam (キャンキャン) is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shogakukan, and it is expected to be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in January 2007.

Its past models include some of Japan's most prominent actresses, like Yonekura Ryoko, Hasegawa Kyoko, Fujiwara Norika and Misaki Ito. It currently has 12 models under its belt, whom include the highly popular Ebihara Yuri, Oshikiri Moe and Yamada Yu.

Note: Only members of this community are allowed to post, and the entries are friend locked. In order to be able to post and view the community entries, you just have to click on the "click here" button to join the community.

That's all, enjoy your stay here! ~__~

title or description
堀内葉子, 大桑マイミ, 山田優, 峰えりか, 徳澤直子, 押切もえ, 澤野ひとみ, 熊澤枝里子, 蛯原友里, 西山茉希, 高橋メアリージュン, 麗菜